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About Bryan Cohen

Bryan Cohen is an experienced copywriter, bestselling author, and the founder of Best Page Forward and Amazon Ad School. He has written over 30 books, including How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis, 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts and the Viral Superhero Series. You can find out more about Bryan at BryanCohen.com. Bryan lives with his wife, daughter, and cat in sunny North Carolina.


About H. Claire Taylor

H. Claire Taylor is a humor author and fiction strategist, as well as the owner of FFS Media.

With over two-dozen published novels across various pen names and genres, she’s learned a thing or two about the indie market in her five years as a full-time author.

After professionally editing 200+ fiction manuscripts, she distilled her story expertise into something affordable and time saving for authors on the go, and so it was that her Story Alignment service and Supercharge Your Story course came to be.

Claire lives with her husband and dogs in her tiny hometown of Austin, Texas. You can find out more about her at ffs.media.