Episode 005 – The Entreprenuerial Author

We welcomed Amazon Top 5 Horror Author J. Thorn as our first ever guest for this week’s show. We talked at length about giving value today, whether its through social media accounts, promotional methods and book discovery services. Other topics included our new Top Tip of the Week segment, ISBN numbers, venture capitalists, BookBub, writing rules to live by and the new #AmazonCart service. read more

Episode 004 – The Direct Selling Show

On our final show of April, we discussed how a publishing contract compares with self-publishing and why selling direct is something to strive for. This week’s topics included reality competition shows for writers, the level playing field for self-publishers, the recent layoffs at Kobo, the scenarios in which a publishing contract make sense and selling directly to your readers. read more

Episode 001 – The First Show Of Many

We opened our inaugural podcast by sharing a bit about ourselves and why we’re doing the show. We talked about how we want to share the newest ways to market your books as soon as they’re invented.Bryan talked about his start on his website, Build Creative Writing Ideas, and Jim discussed the creation of Author Marketing Club. We both have the same goals to help authors apply the ideas we find on the web. read more