Episode 48 – Copyright, Ageism and Author Solutions

Back by popular demand (with over 130 comments), Jim joined Bryan to discuss the latest book-selling news. Before they got down to business, Bryan announced the pre-order of his latest fiction book and the ongoing Spring Multi-Author Facebook Event pitch (which you can find at bryancohen.com/pitch). The trio of tips included advice on reading more, what digital tools to use, and how to publicize your old content. News included stories on an author’s DMCA battle, Amazon advertising success and failure, ageism by a former MFA teacher, and Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s thoughts on indispensability. This week’s Question of the Week: How will the latest news about Nook affect how you do business with them going forward?=&0=&
  • How to read more books every year
  • What 5 tools Jane Friedman keeps going back to
  • Why old content should be a part of your marketing strategy
  • How to deal with a DMCA copyright claim
  • What some authors are doing to make AMS ads work
  • Why authors don’t fit into the boxes of age or income
  • How to become indispensable

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Episode 47 – Middlemen, BookBub Analysis, and Real Authors

Bryan and Jim started with two big announcements. Bryan is opening up a multi-author Facebook event for April, and authors can apply at bryancohen.com/pitch. Jim and Bryan will both be on hand at the PubSense Summit in Charleston, SC in March. The traveling troubadours discussed three tips on book cover split testing, blog post topics, and mobile marketing. They also touched on bookstore crowdfunding, the theoretical purchase of Nook by Google, trad pubs skipping over agents, if self-publishing makes you a real author, and trad pubs going direct. Question of the Week: Are you a real author if you self-publish? Why or why not? (Note: Jim says he refuses to do episode 48 unless we get 100 comments) Direct MP3 Download  =&0=&
  • How you can be a part of Bryan’s next multi-author Facebook event
  • Where you can meet Jim and Bryan in March
  • How split-testing your covers could lead to more book sales
  • 54 different kinds of blog, podcast or video posts
  • Ways to get in touch with readers through mobile platforms
  • Why Bryan thinks BookBub rejected him again
  • What one book store did to stay in business
  • Why Google buying Nook would be a good idea
  • How some trad pubs are finding new authors
  • What Michael Kozlowski thinks about indie authors
  • How Digital Book World called trad pubs out on direct sales

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Episode 46 – Digital Resale, Virtual Assistants and Shorter Books

On this week’s show, Jim and Bryan tackled their latest trio of tips, including sharing your book’s title, using Fiverr for short story covers, and hiring virtual assistants. The dynamic duo also discussed news stories related to Mark J. Dawson’s 10,000 reader survey, used e-books, Bob Mayer’s thoughts on traditional publishing, Dean Wesley Smith and the tale of how novels got their length, and Amazon’s new giveaway service. Jim also ranted twice, and it was glorious. The Question of the Week: Would you be okay with a reader re-selling your ebooks? Why or why not? read more

Episode 45 – Controversy, Trends and a BookBub Competitor

In the latest Sell More Books Show, Bryan and Jim asked listeners if they’d be willing to come to Vegas for a workshop in April. They also covered tips on blurbs, price promotions, and a collection of free book-selling tools. The news focus on augmented reality books, the Harper Lee controversy, the France legal action against Kindle Unlimited, writing trendy books to make money, and BookBub’s recent Q&A session. Jim and Bryan also discussed how they would create a BookBub competitor. Question of the Week: Have you ever written a book strictly to get money? Side Question: Would you be able to come to Las Vegas for a workshop hosted by Jim and Bryan in April? Direct MP3 Download =&0=&
  • How Bryan’s getting through his tough sales week
  • What makes a strong book description
  • The ways traditional publishers are changing price promotions
  • 21 free ways to increase book sales
  • What the future could look like for books
  • How Jim and Bryan feel about the Harper Lee controversy
  • Why French publishers may have a case against Kindle Unlimited
  • How writing trendy books can change your career
  • What BookBub has coming up for the future
  • How Bryan and Jim would start their own BookBub

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Episode 44 – KDP Ads, ISBNs and Author Value

Note: Sorry about the last update that appeared to be in French. Someone got into our WordPress install and posted some nonsensical content. We have since deleted that content. The funny thing is, neither Bryan or Jim speak French. 🙂 After two weeks off, Jim returned to the Sell More Books Show with a loud, sound-filled clang. The dynamic duo discussed tips related to product funnels, long-term strategy, and turning fan devotion into a game. They also chatted in-depth about the Gravity lawsuit, authorpreneurship tips, free books, Amazon Marketing Services, and the latest Author Earnings report. This show’s Question of the Week: Do you feel like giving away books for free devalues your work and the work of other authors?

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Episode 43 – Comebacks, Engagement and Spousal Support (with Robert Scanlon)

With Jim off running the Author Marketing Live Virtual event, Bryan welcomed author Robert Scanlon to the program. They discussed tips on Instagram, how to avoid getting sidetracked, and making an author comeback. Bryan and Robert chatted about news related to ebooks at indie bookstores, engagement analytics in fiction, spousal support for authors, the new Kindle Textbook Creator, and Dean Wesley Smith’s 10 reasons to avoid traditional publishing. This episode’s Question of the Week: If you had to make an author comeback, what are the three things you would focus on doing above anything else? read more

Episode 42, Parts 1 & 2 – Nick Stephenson on Getting More Readers

In the first part of this massive two-part episode, Bryan and guest co-host Nick Stephenson discussed tips related to masterminds, high page rank blogs, and his Nick’s own mailing list tips for fiction. They talked about Nick’s strategies in depth, including what he emails his readers and how he rewards fans for joining his mailing list. We also chatted about the #5 news story about Nielsen’s print book stats and Seth Godin’s chat at Digital Book World. Check out part two for the rest of the episode. read more

Episode 41 – Trolls, Crowdfunding and Churning Out Books

Jim and Bryan went philosophical this week, touching on everything from Internet trolls and crowdfunding to Minimum Viable Products and writing quality books quickly. After Bryan announced his new podcast, The Split: A YA Book Review Podcast for Readers and Writers, and Jim discussed Author Marketing Live, they took on tips related to writing louder books, increasing the KDP preview selection, and Miranda July’s collectable fiction idea. The news included stories on Nora Roberts vs. Internet trolls, Suw Charman-Anderson’s Minimum Viable Product concept, Dear Author’s opinion on Kickstarter, Nook’s holiday drop, and thoughts on writing at a breakneck pace. Our Question of the Week: If you knew someone who wrote a book in a minimal amount of time, would it affect your purchasing decision? Why or why not?

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Episode 40 – Diversification, Silver Linings and the Future

To kick off 2015, Jim and Bryan turned in their most condensed show in months! Bryan talked about the launch of his new Bryan Cohen Showen daily YouTube channel, as Jim ramped up toward his big Author Marketing Live virtual event. As they got into the show, the dynamic duo discussed tips on what not to do to sell books, how thinking diverse can build up your income, and what still works in author marketing. The news this week focused on interactive fiction on the Steam platform, Mark Zuckerberg’s new book club, the exciting times indies live in, Chuck Wendig’s 2015 wish list, and whether or not there’s a glut of books on Amazon. This week’s Question of the Week: Do you think there are too many books? How will this purported plethora of books affect your marketing going forward?

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Episode 39 – 2014: The Year in Review

Jim and Bryan wrapped up 2014 by recapping the top tips and news stories of the year. The top three tips revolved around sales tracking, changing your social media mindset, and a multitude of ideas related to email lists. The top news stories of the year included the concept of the authorpreneur, the EU’s Value Added Tax laws, Hachette vs. Amazon, Author Earnings, and Kindle Unlimited. Jim and Bryan closed by making some big predictions for 2015. The Question of the Week: What are your predictions for 2015? read more