Episode 007 – The Technology Show

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On the new, tech-savvy episode of the Sell More Books Show, we talked about how technology is changing the self-publishing industry, from War and Peace on smartphones to George RR Martin writing on an MS-DOS computer. Other stories included our tip of the week, a controversy at a New Orleans writing conference, a change in the print-on-demand business model and Hugh Howey’s latest Author Earnings report. We also shared Chris Well’s awesome sounders for our top five news.

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What You’ll Learn: 

  • How to track your links more effectively
  • What non-fiction authors are using to build their email lists
  • A method for improving your email list signup rates
  • How people are reading great works of literature
  • What Aaron Shephard has to say about the print-on-demand market
  • What George RR Martin and Bryan have in common as writers
  • Why we’ll all laugh at the RT Booklovers controversy in 2-3 years
  • How self-published authors are doing compared to the Big 5
  • Who is closing in on victory on Jim and Bryan’s gentleman’s bet


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