Episode 10 – Removing Barriers to Entry

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We reached the double digits this week as we focused on ways authors and publishing platforms are making it easier to reach readers. The Audible and Apple were two examples of companies who have succeeded in removing barriers from entry to reading. Other subjects this week included Flipboard, Craigslist, Amazon categories, indie author fangirls, hard work and the success of author HM Ward.

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What You’ll Learn: 

  • How one author created a digital magazine to find fans
  • One way to pay a small fee to find true fans
  • A method for ranking in the top 100 of Amazon categories
  • That some kids want to grow up to be indie authors
  • How to do what you learn
  • The way the audiobook industry is growing
  • How Apple is making it easier for readers to read books
  • If HM Ward’s plan to turn down a Big 5 publishing deal paid dividends

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