Episode 13 – Jim’s Return To The Show

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For Jim’s return, we discussed how the big five publishers are using libraries to sell books and analytics to to tell an incomplete story.  Our tips included using author groups, Booktrack and Marketing Grader to strengthen your platform. We also talked about France’s “Anti-Amazon Law,” the traditional publishing version of Hugh Howey and the new indie authors involved in Amazon’s Kindle Worlds. Jim and Bryan finished off the program answering last week’s question and posing a new question on libraries selling books.
What You’ll Learn: 
  • How forming a team of authors can help sales
  • What sound effects will do to enhance your books
  • How to grade your website
  • Where you can start to buy books for the first time
  • The way France is protecting bookstores
  • What even the skewed numbers are saying about book sales
  • How traditionally published authors could add to the debate
  • Which indie worlds you can take a crack at Amazon
  • How Jim and Bryan are connecting with readers
Question of the Week: 
If libraries began to sell ebooks would it result in a violation of public trust? Would the answer be different if it was your books being sold?

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