Episode 143 – 2016: The Year in Review

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Question of the Week: What are you gonna get done in 2017?

Bryan made his triumphant return to the show as he and Jim discussed the top stories and tips of 2016! After going over Abigail The Intern’s Top 3 Tips, the self-pub squadron discussed stories about knowing your readers, using paid advertising, the problems with KU, the scammers of KU, and the rise and leveling-off of indie sales. They also thanked their patrons, Author Level Up, Character Sketch & Color, and Incursion: Merkiaari Wars Book 5. The final Question of the Week for 2016 is: What are you gonna get done in 2017?
What You’ll Learn:
  • How authors can use their backlist to create long-term success
  • How authors can start dictating their stories and why they should
  • Why there can never be too many books
  • How researching your audience and genre can really pay off
  • How some authors used paid advertising to increase sales and hit milestones
  • Why authors may want to reassess the Kindle Unlimited program
  • How scammers cheated the Kindle Unlimited system
  • How the indie author earnings report changed from May to October
Question of the Week: What are you gonna get done in 2017?

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