Episode 169 – Amazon Beta Testing, Author Obligation, and Being Prolific

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Question of the Week: What do successful authors owe the community?

What do authors owe their readers? It’s a question Jim and Bryan ask in the top story of this week’s Sell More Books Show. After thanking their patrons, God and Gigs, Witch’s Sacrifice, and How I Sold 80,000 Books, the deep thinkers of digital books discussed tips on coming up with titles, updating your website, and creating your own tsunami of content. News stories included millennials using libraries, trad pub’s new deal with libraries, the 2017 Smashwords survey, Amazon’s beta test without the word “kindle,” and what authors owe their followers. This week’s Question of the Week: “What do successful authors owe the community?”
What You’ll Learn:
  • How authors can use emotion to create attention-grabbing titles
  • Why authors’ websites should evolve with their career
  • How one prolific writer left traditional publishing and kept cranking out books
  • What a recent survey says about each generation’s library habits
  • How a deal between Harper Collins and Hoopla will affect library patrons
  • What tactics authors should employ according to the 2017 SmashWords survey
  • What changes Amazon is making to its buy options and what it might mean
  • What successful authors owe their communities according to a publishing expert

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