Episode 248 – The 2019 Predictions Show

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Question of the Week: What do you disagree with for our 2019 predictions? Also, what should Bryan call his new show?

Take a look at Bryan’s and Jim’s predictions for the coming year and give them a “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down.” The guys have mixed things up for the first show of 2019 and are looking forward to your feedback. This week’s Happy Book Reviews winner is Isabel Peterson. Bryan thanks our Featured Patrons: How to Sex Your Snake, Guild of Tokens: Initiate, and The Strange. And a huge “thank you” to everyone who supported the show in 2018! Play along as Bryan and Jim debate the likelihood of the Top 25 Predictions for 2019. Will you pick TRUE or FALSE? Bryan reveals his BIG THING for 2019 and invites all of you to follow along. Happy New Year to all of our Sell More Books Show listeners! Question of the Week: What do you disagree with for our 2019 predictions? Also, what should Bryan call his new show?

What You’ll Learn:
  • Bryan and Jim share their 2019 predictions

How to Sex Your Snake by Melissa Banczak
Initiate (Guild of Tokens Book 1) by Jon Auerbach
The Strange by JB Murray

The Predictions:

1. 2018 saw many success stories from authors who published their first book during the calendar year. The trend will continue, seeing an author who publishes in 2019 becoming a five-figure author in 12 months or less. True or false?
2. Thousands of students have flocked to courses like Self Publishing School, Your First 10K Readers, and Ads for Authors. 2019 will see a revolutionary new course that changes the author landscape forever. True or false?
3. Space fantasy, reverse harem, and LitRPG are subgenres that came out of nowhere in the last few years to dominate the charts. A new genre we’ve never heard of will become the biggest Write to Market trend in 2019. True or false?
4. As cost per click and other prices go up on Amazon Advertising, it will remain the best platform for generating sales for your books. True or false?
5. Amazon Advertising. BookBub Ads. Facebook Ads. A new advertising platform will emerge for authors in a big way in 2019. True or false?
6. 2019 will see a huge audiobook success story for a self-published author… off of Audible with thousands of copies sold on another platform. True or false?
7. This is the year. An audiobook retailer will release a simple, affordable, potentially-AI-infused platform for quickly publishing books in audio. This will lead to an explosion in content and huge sales for self-published authors. True or false?
8. Audible’s all-you-can-listen romance subscription service was a huge flop for authors. But Amazon will try another unlimited audio subscription service with similar results in 2019. True or false?
9. With scammers stopped and in an effort to help indie authors, Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited payment will rise over 50% to .75 cents per page in 2019. True or false?
10. Amazon will unveil a new process for appealing stripped rank books, removed customer reviews, and account closures that’s powered by humans and puts self-published authors at ease. True or false?
11. In 2019, an e-retailer will offer higher than 70% royalties to authors to truly compete with Amazon. True or false?
12. Barnes & Noble will announce that Christmas 2019 will be its final season in business. True or false?
13. In 2019, Rakuten, the parent company of Kobo will buy Barnes & Noble’s ebook platform and its customers. True or false?
14. Kobo will overtake Barnes & Noble and Apple to become the #2 ebook retailer in 2019. True or false?
15. Against all odds, Walmart.com will rise in 2019 to become the #3 ebook retailer in the U.S. True or false?
16. A major traditionally published author will break with the Big 5 and go all-in on self-publishing. True or false?
17. A big self-published author will sign a seven-figure contract with a big five publisher in 2019. True or false?
18. This year, one of the Big 5 will fully embrace indie marketing tactics and give self-published authors a run for their money. True or false?
19. An author or a group of authors will figure out a subscription model (beyond Patreon) that works and thrives. True or false?
20. 2019 will be the year of live video for authors to reach their readers. True or false?
21. Bigfoot Romance will see a book hit #1 in the Kindle Store in 2019. True or false?
22. Jim will finally write his first novel in 2019. True or false?
23. Jim will deliver a huge keynote speech on the stage of his dreams in 2019. True or false?
24. Bryan will hit his goal of a five-figure month from backlist book sales in 2019. True or false?
25. Sell More Books Show will celebrate its 5th anniversary and Jim and Bryan will proudly reach 300 episodes in 2019. True or false?

Question of the Week: What do you disagree with for our 2019 predictions? Also, what should Bryan call his new show?

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