Episode 95 – Editing, Shelfari, and Pinching Pennies

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Question of the Week: Do you have experience with either peer groups or a professional editor? If so, what are the pros and cons of each?

Alida Winternheimer dropped by the show today to fill in for Bryan as she and Jim took on the top tips and news of the week. After giving props to this week’s featured patron, P.G. Kassel and his book Black Shadow Moon ( http://www.pgkassel.com ), they took a stab at tips related to editing, finances, and marketing methods worth modeling. The subjects of the news stories included Shelfari, today’s marketing trends, finding your voice, Amazon’s new two-tier quality control system, and Hugh Howey’s advice on how to be a writer.
What You’ll Learn: 
  • The three crucial stages of editing you need
  • How to save up for the publishing lifestyle
  • Five strategic marketing methods you should model
  • How Amazon is changing the social media landscape for readers
  • Seven important marketing trends for authors
  • Why you need an editor
  • How Amazon’s quality control initiative will affect you
  • Hugh Howey’s rules for author success

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