Episode 002 – The Email List Building Show

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Bryan started things off by talking about the new German translation of his book. He and Jim talked about revenue splitting translator service Babelcube and the future of ebook translations. They also discussed the importance of growing your email list and downplaying Facebook. Jim teased a big event coming up for Author Marketing Club.

The news:

5. Konrath Getting Self-Publishers into Libraries

Bryan was surprised that libraries pay nearly $50 for ebooks. Jim talked about ebooks being rented from libraries and how it’s a market indie authors should consider. They confused Steve Gutenberg for the guy who created the printing press.

4. Women Dominating Smashwords

Bryan has been thoroughly impressed with the marketing practices of romance authors. Jim wasn’t surprised by the statistic at all. They both recommend authors follow the practices of romance writers when growing their author platforms.

3. Teens Love Tablets

Jim talks about how “you can’t manufacture cool,” and goaded Bryan into talking about his game show appearance. The two of them were excited that there are so many potential teen readers.

2. Biggest Lesson from London Book Fair: Hard Work

Bryan and Jim talked about getting butt-in-chair time (or in Jim’s case, butt-in-the-air time with his standing desk).

1. New Sales Dashboard on KDP

Jim expressed some fear that number watchers would get even more entranced, but was happy that there was more data to track. Bryan was happy to have an automatic royalty calculator as part of the graph.

Jim beat Bryan in a nerd-off, and Bryan was embarrassed. Subscribe to the show to hear the whole story!

BONUS: Here’s Bryan’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire game show appearance on YouTube.

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