Episode 003 – The Authentic Author Approach

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This week, we talked about the importance of authenticity in your writing and your social media. This week’s topics included American and German ebook reading statistics, book subscription services, social media post length and James Patterson’s writing tips. Jim made a big announcement: Author Marketing Live!

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What You’ll Learn: 

  • The method Bryan is using to do his daily writing
  • How Jim’s author friends used to become a NYT Bestseller
  • How Amazon is giving out more free books to Samsung users
  • The progress on Jim and Bryan’s Fiction Unboxed gentleman’s bet
  • What ebook subscription services need to do succeed
  • How to get maximum social media engagement
  • The importance of authenticity and story
  • Why you need to emulate successful authors and marketing campaigns
  • How to give people what they want to buy



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