Episode 004 – The Direct Selling Show

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On our final show of April, we discussed how a publishing contract compares with self-publishing and why selling direct is something to strive for. This week’s topics included reality competition shows for writers, the level playing field for self-publishers, the recent layoffs at Kobo, the scenarios in which a publishing contract make sense and selling directly to your readers.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How some authors are using Fiverr to audition translators
  • What some Etsy sellers are doing to sell books to the rich
  • Why a reality show about writers is destined to fail
  • The importance of a publisher’s name for your book
  • How Jim dealt with cover issues with his publisher
  • How Google Play could compete with Amazon
  • The two reasons authors should seek out a publishing deal
  • How J.K. Rowling turned the tables on Amazon
  • How the Self Publishing Podcast sold directly to authors
  • What other authors are doing to innovate


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