Episode 005 – The Entreprenuerial Author

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We welcomed Amazon Top 5 Horror Author J. Thorn as our first ever guest for this week’s show. We talked at length about giving value today, whether its through social media accounts, promotional methods and book discovery services. Other topics included our new Top Tip of the Week segment, ISBN numbers, venture capitalists, BookBub, writing rules to live by and the new #AmazonCart service.

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What You’ll Learn 

  • How to promote your free books on Craigslist
  • Where to promote on Facebook
  • How to use Soundcloud for your ACX promotion
  • Why you need to take chances
  • Why ISBNs aren’t important anymore
  • How one author used venture capitalists for her serialized novels.
  • The results J and Bryan had from their BookBub listings.
  • What we think BookBub should use its new funding for
  • The most important mindset for a writer to have
  • The value of a major press or TV appearance
  • How we think #amazoncart will work for authors


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