Episode 22 – Live Events, Cliffhangers and Reviews

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With Jim’s Author Marketing Live event just a few days away, we talked about what it takes to run a live event. Bryan and Jim chatted about this week’s tips: cliffhanger pricing, incorporating video into your platform and when to use KDP Select. The news stories included a publishing company that successfully dropped Amazon, the condensing of non-fiction classics, how audiobook listeners consume content, and the recent Guardian $6,000 self-publishing story. We discussed the importance of getting reviews in depth, which formed the Question of the Week: How do you get reviews on your books?

What You’ll Learn: 
  • The amount of work Jim has put into Author Marketing Live
  • How one author leapt to six-figures by jumping off the cliff
  • Five ways to adapt your printed materials into video
  • Reasons why you might want to use KDP Select
  • What EDC did to survive without Amazon
  • How Bryan used condensed non-fiction books for personal growth
  • Why audiobook readers may be the future of indie publishing
  • What Jim thinks about the recent $6,000 self-publishing claim by the Guardian
  • How Bryan gets reviews on his books
  • The importance of asking
Question of the Week: How do you get reviews on your books?


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