Episode 24 – KDP All Stars, The Decline of Nook & More

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As Jim and Bryan neared the quarter century mark, they talked at length about Amazon’s recent announcement of the KDP Select All-Stars program. Before they got to that, Jim chatted more about live events and the two of them took on a trio of tips about Gmail productivity, editing, and videos for book club questions. The top five news included stories on Apple’s U2 free album promotion, J.A. Konrath’s 15 tips to increase sales, Joanna Penn’s three-year author-entrepreneur anniversary, the decline of Nook and Amazon’s new $2.7 million KDP Select All-Stars program. This week’s Question of the Week: Will the new All-Stars program get you to go exclusive on KDP Select? Why or why not?

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What You’ll Learn: 
  • Why Jim thinks you should spend money on live events
  • How to used canned responses to speed up your email
  • What an online editing tool can do to improve your readability
  • How Neil Gaiman reached out to book clubs
  • How the publishing industry used freebies to jumpstart U.S. reading
  • Why the U2 free album promotion was a big win for everybody
  • Fifteen ways to increase your book sales
  • What Joanna Penn has learned from three years as an author entrepreneur
  • How Jim would fix Nook Press
  • What Amazon is doing to trounce the publishing competition

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