Episode 39 – 2014: The Year in Review

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Jim and Bryan wrapped up 2014 by recapping the top tips and news stories of the year. The top three tips revolved around sales tracking, changing your social media mindset, and a multitude of ideas related to email lists. The top news stories of the year included the concept of the authorpreneur, the EU’s Value Added Tax laws, Hachette vs. Amazon, Author Earnings, and Kindle Unlimited. Jim and Bryan closed by making some big predictions for 2015. The Question of the Week: What are your predictions for 2015?

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What You’ll Learn: 

  • Why sales tracking is so important
  • How a small change in mindset will change your social media
  • The importance of email marketing
  • What it means to be an authorpreneur
  • Why VAT will make a major impact on all authors
  • If the Hachette vs. Amazon story was actually important
  • What Author Earnings means to authors
  • What the future of Kindle Unlimited looks like
  • Jim and Bryan’s big predictions for 2015


Jim’s Predictions for 2015: 
A Big 5 publisher will adapt or die
Someone will develop the Napster of ebooks

Bryan’s Predictions for 2015: 
Barnes & Noble will close before X-Mas 2015
There will be success stories for new authors
The year will give way to more professional products
Question of the Week: What are your predictions for 2015?

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