Episode 53 – Going Mobile, Author Education, and the Lab

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In our first show of year two, we introduced a new segment and still came in at under 50 minutes! Thriller author and marketing expert Mark Dawson helped us kick off “The Lab,” a new feature in which successful authors help us experiment with our own books! He’s offering a one-hour consultation giveaway through April 14th at SelfPublishingFormula.com. Jim and Bryan’s trio of tips focused on audio marketing, going mobile, and free image sites. The news stories touched upon virtual book readings, self-publishing in high school, the reader’s journey, the post-gold rush trough, and what self-published authors should focus on. This week’s Question of the Week: Is it time for self-publishers to get over self-publishing?

What You’ll Learn: 
  • How Mark Dawson plans to help us grow our list
  • What you can do to market with audio
  • Why you should consider a web redesign before April 21
  • There are plenty of sites for free stock photos
  • How the classroom of the future will encourage author readings
  • What some schools are teaching aspiring authors
  • Why some publishers fall down after the first stage of the reader’s journey
  • What you’ll need to do to survive after the gold rush
  • Why self-publishers should stop beating the drum
Question of the Week: Is it time for self-publishers to get over self-publishing?
Want to help us with some new sounders?
Here are the scripts for the sounders we need. We’re looking for something new, with music/sound effects.
Tip of the week sounder: “And now, it’s time for the tip of the week!”
The lab sounder: “Ready to create your own book marketing Frankenstein? Let’s see what Jim & Bryan are up to in the sell more books show Laboratory.”
News sounders: “It’s time for the Sell more books show top five news. And now, here’s #5”
Then we need: “#4, #3, #2” each as their own. Then “And now the #1 news story of the week.”
Bonus: “You can participate in the show by leaving a comment at sellmorebooksshow.com or send an email to contact@sellmorebooksshow.com.”

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